If you guys aren't following @phoenixrunning you should be. This young hard charging Veteran just took 1st place in the Trans Pecos Ultra marathon. A 163 mile race! While we certainly can't take credit for his victory we are proud to say his only choice of fuel for the entire race were Condition One, mission performance bars. It's an honor to have such incredible athletes relying on us, and using our product! Thank you for the shout out brother!

"Condition One bars the only bar I've ever found so well rounded & tasty it can fuel me 163 miles across the desert and still be what I'm reaching for while recovering at home 2 days post race. I run like a beast, throw down in the cross fit box, I'm on the go for business and racing nonstop and this is the fuel that gets me thru. If you haven't tasted these bars one order and you will be a believer

Thomas Karlick