This Kansas City born athlete, turned world traveler and Veteran Icon, is nothing short of a human highlight reel! Rudy Reyes' resume of achievements is as extensive as the day is long. From a young International Martial Arts champion to United States Recon Marine, television and film actor, to fitness pioneer, Rudy reserves the right to be judicious with every set, rep, and nutritious advantage he employs.  Pursuing a lifestyle of perpetual progress, the fuel required to accomplish all that this philanthropic phenom does each and every 24 hours is met in the Condition One Meal Bar. Rudy's keen understanding of input to output ratios has him casting aside food fads and "diet tricks", sticking to tried and true sensible nutrition.  The calories required to make it through his arduous travel schedule and torturous workouts are met in the optimum balance for a true athlete of his caliber. Rudy is truly the standard bearer for athletic innovation, and trusts Condition One as a non- negotiable component to his continued success.


" As a former Special Forces Operator, I embody the mind set of readiness, and as someone that is constantly on the go traveling, I use Condition One to supplement my meals, in the field or post workout. Nothing has come close to nutritional density of these bars!" 

Rudy Reyes