Meredith Burns is as original with her hustle as Van Gogh ever was with a paintbrush.  This Warrior, Mother, Athlete continues to break barriers and set standards for fitness thanks to an unshakable work ethic and innate resilience.  Her Navy training has provided a perspective that she lovingly shares through a standard of excellence and a no bullshit approach to whatever challenge dares to present itself.  A discriminating taste for the very best life has to offer has the industry's top brands seeking HER to represent their products and services. True to herself, she has aligned herself with what SHE deems to be the BEST for her in her ventures.  Having tasted the Condition One, fresh baked meal bar, she was sold on the rich flavor that is unheard of in the sports supplement world. Upon further investigation, she found that it was the missing puzzle piece to her training and nutrition program , allowing her to recover from the arduous (sometimes marathon) sessions. Her understanding of her body, and the importance of real food being the source for progressing from week to week, has her turning a deaf ear to those that would question the carbohydrate profile found in something so "simple".  Being a no frills NPC Physique Champion, she affords herself the ability to defy the masses, applying sound strategy and leaving her peers wondering how she makes it all look so easy.  Her Son remains a constant light and motivation as she provides purpose, direction, and motivation to single mothers across the globe. Condition One delivers on its promise to her, through its "order-bake-ship" system to meet her needs without taking a moment more of her precious time.