Condition One bar, the first solution of many. 

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Military operators have the most physically demanding professions in existence; they are often tasked with arduous missions that span over multiple days, which require traveling incredibly long distances by foot while enduring some of the most intense geographical and weather conditions.

While our military and contract operators do have MRE’s (meal ready to eat), they require preparation time and are not always ideal when on-the-move.

Under these circumstances, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a quick and convenient solution for sustaining energy and operational tempo while maintaining the highest level of nutritional values.




After two years of research and planning, Condition One will soon distribute its sustainment bars, which are Gluten-free and comprised of high quality ingredients, including:

  • organic steel-cut oats
  • coconut oil
  • honey
  • ground flax seed
  • unprocessed fruit
  • almonds
  • whey protein

Each bar is high in fiber and contains quality complex carbohydrates, protein and a full amino acids profile. Condition One offers consumers a bar that is simple, pure, and has the ability to supply the body with the nutrition it needs to take on any mission or the battlefield of life.  

A bar that is able to meet the needs of special operations task members can also satisfy the needs of any athlete or intensely active individual. 

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